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Slow Food Beaumont Mission

The mission of Slow Food Beaumont is to provide better access to fresh, local, and fair food.  It is dedicated to building community and a sense of place by promoting regional cuisines and the enjoyment of shared food.   Slow Food Beaumont will serve the community in three major ways:

1) We will provide links of correspondence between community organizations, food establishments, food producers, and any institutions or individuals interested in providing or consuming fresh and good local food.  Slow Food Beaumont will work to increase the demand for good food and strive to match the supply to the demand.

2)  We will encourage the consumption of fresh, local, and nutritious food in a way that benefits people, families, and the larger community.  Slow Food will provide taste education to children, and encourage people to share slow, enjoyable, convivial meals with their friends and family at the table. 

3) We will work toward instilling a sense of community and civic pride in the city of Beaumont through the promotion of good and local food.  It will also promote and preserve an important aspect of the region’s cultural heritage.  We believe that access to good food will improve our quality of life, and that promoting pleasure and conviviality through the sharing of food will increase the general well being of our fellow citizens.


Did You Know? 

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with more than 150,000 members and 2,000 food communities throughout 150+ countries.

Slow Food USA, a national association of Slow Food, has 175 local and campus chapters that coordinate local activities, projects and events.

Working together with members and supporters across the nation and around the world, we:

We preserve and share local foods and food cultures. We defend and advocate policies that promote holistic alternatives to the industrial system. Through tastings, workshops and social opportunities, we explore and celebrate the Slow life.

We develop leaders in communities who model joy and justice. We champion local, culturally significant heritage foods, customs and recipes – and bring these experiences into farms, markets, restaurants and homes. We teach the next generation how to grow, prepare and share food responsibly.

Conviviality is central to our mission. We are a global community, connecting people to the land and to each other through local projects, educational events, and shared meals. We become catalysts for change by sharing the joy of Slow Food and prioritizing wholesome living over convenience.
These interconnected principles drive our key program areas: biodiversity, children & food, convenings and food communities.


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